Is carpet cleaning bad for my carpet?

No. With our system we don't over-wet or use sticky shampoo - your carpet is left clean & fresh, upholstery too.

How often should I have my carpets & upholstery cleaned?

Annual deep cleaning is recommended to keep furnishings clean & fresh and free from dust mites. Also the removal of grease & grit will help to keep your furnishings in good condition and stop excess wearing. Stainguarding your carpets & upholstery after cleaning (or from new) will protect your furnishings even more.

How do i treat a spillage?

Step 1 : Absorb up all liquid with a clean towel.
Step 2 : Press & absorb with kitchen paper until no more liquid can be removed.
Step 3 : Once all the liquid has gone, gently wipe over the area using a clean damp cloth to remove any sticky trace.
Remember! never rub a spillage in, it may not come out!

Will having my suite or carpet cleaned remove the stainguard coating?

You can have your suite & carpet professionally cleaned twice during the stainguard's life. 'A good stainguard should last up to 5 years.'

How does carpet cleaning work?

Solution is sprayed into your carpet at high pressure to clean deep down, then simultaneously extracted back up, leaving your carpet clean & fresh.

What can I use to spot clean little marks off my carpet?

The best thing to use is 'wet wipes' - Keep a pack under your sink.

What if my carpet is clean apart from one or two 'stains'?

We can be called out to do as much or little as required.

What if an accident has just happened?

Ring us straight away for same day priority call out.

What cleaning solution do you use?

We only use Stapro & Prochem Products - the leading brands which are safe, effective and biogradeable.

What equipment do you use?

Prochem Steampro 2000, which are both Professional Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning equipment with a long history of reliablilty.

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